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Don’t just livestream; make it a lasting legacy. TaffyStream empowers creators to mint their content on the blockchain, ensuring its authenticity, uniqueness, and immortality. Your content, your control.

Easy to use

Go live in just 3 clicks with a user-friendly platform

Multicast livestreaming

Broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously

Upload and sell digital assets

Earn more from your content by minting on the blockchain

Analytics and insights

Fine-tune your content strategy with comprehensive analytics

Grow Your Support Base

TaffyStream gives you easy ways to grow your support base and build your community that go beyond traditional methods. Share your content clips on Lenster, transforming them into collectibles that give your followers another way to support your content. You can also mint your content as a digital asset and sell it on popular marketplaces like Opensea or RaribleGive your followers new and diverse ways to show their support!

Multiple Ways to Mint

Creators can tokenize their livestreams, transforming them into unique and verifiable collectibles using Polygon or Skale chain. Choose the blockchain of your choice and with a few clicks, your clip becomes an NFT masterpiece ready to sell. 


Go live and mint directly from your stream or library.


No stream? No problem. Upload content from your device to mint.

A New Revenue Model with TaffyCast

TaffyLabs will soon be launching TaffyCast, a video social media platform to feature all your content. TaffyCast introduces a unique and transparent method for gaining advertising revenue and even lets you share that revenue with your community! If a supporter buys your content as a digital asset, they will get more of the add revenue than an average viewer which gives them more reasons to buy your clips. Followers that watch your ad enabled videos can get a cut of the 10% community share revenue.

Everyone benefits from this new revenue model.

Creator Share


Retain the majority of ad revenue and incentivize your fans

Community Share


Followers that view ad enabled clips get a piece of that ad revenue

Collector Share


Fans that purchase and collect clips get a bigger community share

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